Thursday, January 10, 2008

Lent is Coming Quickly...

Hope you had a wonderful Christmas and the season's blessings continue into the New Year!...

As we move into 2008, we are excited at the opportunities forming around our continuing CMF activities to help us grow ever closer to our Lord, grow stronger in our faith, and grow in our ability to do His work according to His will. You've all heard in general terms some of the thoughts and plans coming from the Core Team in conjunction with Msgr's spiritual direction for the coming year, and it's time to provide more specifics. See these below, and in particular, take note of the requested actions identified to help us in our preparations.

Many thanks to all who have helped in planning and discernment. Please pray that God would continue to bless us in these initiatives, and pray that he would lead us to share them with those he is calling to and through them. May God continue to shower you with His graces in all that you do...onward and upward!

God Bless,

Pat and Vaughn

Signposts. Continues to meet on alternating Saturdays throughout Lent at 8am in the St Barbara Room; Divine Mercy Chaplet precedes at 7:30am in the Eucharistic Chapel. New participants are welcome to come on board at any time.

Rosary. The Rosary prayer continues on Saturdays alternating with Signposts, see calendar on our web site for dates. New participants are welcome at any time.

Monthly Study Groups (1st & 3rd Thursdays).
1st Thursday Group. The current topical study, "Grasping for the Wind" deals with the secular influences of modern history which challenge our faith and shape our culture. The last session of the series next week will be on the second Thursday in January, 1/10, instead of 1/3. The topic will focus on contemporary issues from the 1960's to the present. The next topical study for this group, "The Catechism of the Catholic Church", will begin Thursday, April 3, 7pm, CLW Room.

3rd Thursday Group. The current topical study, "Beginning Apologetics", will have its last session of the series on Thursday in January, 1/24, with a completion of the "Bible Answer Man Debate, James Akin vs James White" and discussion. The next topical study for this group, "The New Age and Atheism", will begin Thursday, April 17, CLW Room, 7pm, CLW Room.

Requested Action:
All those continuing on with these Study Groups beginning in April, or those interested in coming on board, are requested to respond via e-mail as soon as possible, but preferrably before the end of January, to confirm their intention so that we can order a base of materials in appropriate numbers. As always, new participants in either of the final two sessions on 1/10 and 1/24 are welcome.

>>>>>Click here for more details on our Parish Lenten Program - Disciples in Mission

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