Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Deliver Us From Oprah

Many of our brothers are participating in our newest discussion group on Apologetics and new age religions. Please look at this video about the Church of Oprah. She is spewing forth new age religion all over the networks, and is promoting anti-Christian new age writers, such as the one interviewed here. Remember that from the beginning, Satan has sought to spread lies and doubt, to make us question God and his Word. This is the original sin -- "you will be like gods" (Gen. 3:5). Satan is very good at blurring the lines and causing us to doubt God's word: "Did God really tell you not to eat... You certainly will not die." (Gen. 3:1,4). Oprah is just the latest tool to spread lies and doubts among Christians promoting that it is all about me and living for me, as opposed to the Truth -- that it is all about God and turning away from self -- living for God and doing God's will. We must not be sucked into this fuzzy logic and thinking that is opposed to God and his plan for us. To do so would make everything Jesus did a lie and a waste of time.

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